"And in her smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars."

-Across the Universe, by Beth Revis

I have the best job in the world - helping to bring a bride's smile to life on one of her most love-filled days.  My bride's inspire me, and they influence my craft each and every day.  While I do gain insights and influence from many mediums - websites, blogs, artists, and seasonal fashion to name a few - I can always look back to my bride and know exactly where to begin.  Being involved in a woman's life in one of the biggest ways possible is an honor I do not take lightly - it's surreal to know I am a part of someone's dream.

From a very young age I grew up in a creative environment, taken with the artists and musicians within my family as well as admiring those I danced with on-stage during my 13 years in the ballet. I can remember battling my mother about whether my dance makeup was "stage" appropriate which proved an invaluable lesson on self-expression that would stick with me to this day.

While this may have initiated my interest in makeup and individuality, it was my work in the film industry 12 years ago that really pushed my interest into a passion. From there, I reached out to photographers across the country, volunteering for jobs and working to uncover my artistic style. My shift into weddings occurred almost 5 years ago - a path I hope that continues for many years more.

Today, I approach my work with open eyes and open ears. Listening to a bride and her needs is incredibly important. It is never my wedding—it is always yours—and I am dedicated to understanding my bride’s visions and opinions. Makeup is a powerful expression and, when done properly, has no boundaries. I’ve been blessed to work with an incredible array of women, from the terminally ill to wine country’s elite, each of whom are unique in their own beautiful way.

When I am not at work with my brides, you can find me spending too much time on Etsy and Pinterest, playing with my 6 month old son, or spending time hiking and relaxing with my wife and eternal love, Jen. Playing the piano, cherishing my air guitar, antiquing, crafting, gardening, and flea market perusing continue to also be passions. Art and beauty go hand-in-hand—I supply the art, you supply the beauty— and together, your magical day will blossom. I thank you for letting me into your world.